Are Women Commodities?

Jesse Stockwell’s email to his father states that “woman can be bought and sold later”

While it is true that Jesse Stockwell, then Jesse E. Torres IV, is a graduate of the Wharton Business School, there are additional facts that we believe go to the character of the person who may be responsible for your future financial reputation. This information was first published on the newsite. Debtmerica’s Founder Jesse Stockwell: Wealth on the backs of Mexican-Americans? quoted below:

“Allegedly, his mother’s boyfriend’s brother (that’s a mouthful), who was the head of Wharton’s Alumni Association, called in a few favors and got Jesse, who had previously been rejected, a late admission to Wharton.

There are also allegations that Jesse and his mother, then known as Joanne L. Torres (aka Joanne Stockwell), committed perjury on his Federal College Loan Applications. The Federal Money he received as a grant apparently minimized Jesse’s Student Loan obligation. We have found no evidence that the suspect funds received by Jesse and his mother, Joanne L. Torres (Joanne Stockwell), were ever repaid, nor charges filed.” Full Story

A second story with similar facts was also published called Debtmerica’s CEO Jesse Stockwell: Is he Defendant Jesse E. Torres IV? and is quoted below:

“He’s a graduate of Wharton Business School, class of 2000. He was granted late (last minute) admission to Wharton. When we interviewed his father, he said he had made arrangements to drive Jesse to Tulane University with the father of a friend whose son was also attending Tulane. As his identical twin brother had been admitted to Cornell, an Ivy League University, Jesse was down in the dumps. To say that Jesse’s father and mother didn’t get along would be an understatement. Their divorce will forever be associated with the Impeachment effort of Judge Shirley R. Lewis. Jesse’s father was both proud and happy when Jesse told his father that, “my mother’s, live-in boyfriend’s brother is the head of the Wharton Alumni association”, and he pulled strings to get Jesse IV admitted. His father told him that, the important thing was how he did at Wharton, not how he got in.”

You should do your own research before making any life altering decision. Who will help you restore your credit rating or in making any other financial decision should certainly be chosen with the utmost care, caution and consideration.

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